​Thoughts about "Gravity"

If there is a better argument for the superiority of Dolby Atmos over other formats including IMAX and Auro, we are yet to see it.

The Atmos mix saves what is actually a fairly mediocre movie and propels it to it another plain.

In spite of the opening title cards which state that (in effect) at that point in space there is no oxygen to transmit sound, the decision was made to fill whatever emptiness there was on wide shots with musical drones. This was the biggest disappointment in the soundtrack. With such a compelling lack of space being created within the disaster scenes and within the helmets, to then have the vastness of space filled with mundane droning was a let down.

If you are going to see this movie then it MUST be in Atmos. If you can't see it that way then don't bother. It's not a great movie but it is rescued from itself by a wondrous and breathtaking design and mix job that fills the vacuous space (and storyline) with complexity and fear. 





I'm so looking forward to mixing in this format, it offers lots of challenges but that what I love about my job…figuring out challenges.