Weekend Working: Mix Prep

So, it’s Saturday and I’m in work.

Dealt with the 1 reel of new material that came in the morning and now waiting on maybe 2 more before the end of the day. Read all the forums I follow these days, fixed a session issue for Lon, updated mix documentation (twice)….and now more waiting.

Spent some time in the theatre yesterday building some template sessions ready for importing the master sessions into. This way you don’t risk losing automation by changing the outputs on tracks after import and you don’t end up duplicating paths in the I/O setup window.

Only problem I have now though is that my Pro Tools rig doesn’t have the necessary plug-ins or processing cards available to build the sessions for the stage. Not really sure how to get around that at the moment but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Got a couple of hours to kill today and a whole heap more tomorrow. Might end up waiting to build the playback sessions till tomorrow when there may be a system available which has the requisite cards/plugs available.

Keeping track of the various machines media copies using Omnigroup’s marvellous OmniFocus application. Great for GTD management, and has an iphone app that updates via MobileMe.

Have fun.