Pro Tools 9

So with Pro Tools 9, Avid have primarily given in to the masses of forum users who have been begging for a version of PT not tied to Avid’s hardware. They have also switched from the multi-tier platform that existed previously to a three-tier model. 9, 9-CPT and 9-HD.

Lets break them down a bit.

Pro Tools 9 - Upgrade from former 8LE and 8MP


  • 96 Voices
  • Maximum Stereo Mixer
  • Timecode Ruler
  • ADC - Automatic Delay Compensation (up to 4092 samples)
  • Multitrack Beat Detective
  • Session Interchange capability
  • EuCon support


From this list, ADC will be the widely discussed feature but realistically the Session Interchange is perhaps the biggest addition. Enabling interchange between multiple platforms is always a good thing.

Eucon support is great and going forward will only get deeper and more useful. I’m pretty excited about where they will take it in future. 

Pro Tools 9 Complete Production Toolkit

In addition to the features listed above you gain.


  • 192 voices
  • Multiple Video Tracks (up to 64)
  • VCA Mixing
  • Automation and Editing features from HD
  • 7.1 Capability
  • ICON Control


Avid are advertising the Complete Production Toolkit as enabling HD features without the hardware and they certainly appear to be delivering that for the most part. There are some TDM only features still left out but for just over $2000 you would be pretty happy about the features provided. 

Pro Tools 9 HD

So what differentiates HD from CPT?

Well the ability to use Avid’s Top-End interfaces for one. Many people have asked where HD-Native lies in the new scheme, well this is where. With HD-Native using Pro Tools 9 you have access to 64 channels of input recording on one card via the MADI, as I said before this makes it perfect for a dubber. You want to be able to add to it without extra cards? Then add on FireWire interfaces to your hearts content and create an Aggregate interface. 


  • Solo Bussing AFL/PFL
  • Track and Destructive Punch


HD’s value as MIX before it has always been in the additional processing power that has been available on top of native power. That will not change. With Pro Tools 9 Avid have further enhanced a users options for utilising that power. 

One really great thing for many users is the ability to run PT HD without the hardware attached via the ilok. This will be great for all those who like to edit on trains, planes and automobiles. Plug you ilok into a laptop and you are good to go. RTAS conversion of TDM plugin’s is automatic and as far as I am aware will switch back to the TDM versions when reconnected to a TDM capable system. One notable exception to this is Avid’s own ReVibe which continues to be TDM only.


A good set of decisions on Avid’s behalf have made for what should be a solid basis to move forward from. Let’s see how they proceed with development from this point. 

I will post more follow ups as I get through testing.