Indev - Great Software and Even better support

Spent most of today trying to fix Spotlight on my computer. It seems that something went wrong on Friday conincidentally about the time I installed MailTags naturally I thought that was the cause but it turns out not to have been the case. My AddressBook picked up some corruption that caused the system to crash, and prevent Spotlight from finishing it’s indexing.

I tried to fix it in the normal ways:

  • Delete Spotlight Index’s
  • Start in Safe Mode and reindex (this may not be possible in 10.6 it turns out)
  • Removing all mdimport helpers

Finally wrote to indev to see if there were any known issues and they helped me through figuring it out. Even though it wasn’t their software that caused it, they helped me fix it. Wonderful.

I had already bought MailTags and MailActOn from them but if I hadn’t you bet I would be now. Great support.

More to follow on MailTags and MailActOn in the next few weeks. Superb software and I’ve only scratched the surface.