Leaving on a Jet Plane

So, Wednesday this week I fly to LA in order to try and network with as many people/studios as is humanly possible. The trip nicely coincides with NAB the largest trade show for broadcast and post production in the world which is happening in Las Vegas. Some problems are still to be solved:

1 - Telephone connectivity - my beloved iPhone will either have to be crippled while in the US or I need to figure out if AT&T can help me in some way. If I was from the US coming to the UK it would be easy as O2 do SIM only packages. AT&T don’t seem to do that. So it’s either pay £6/MB for Data or disconnect it. While O2 offer a package where you can pay £50 for 50MB of data while abroad I reset my counter one evening last week, then used my phone as normal which resulted in 14.6MB of usage that day. So I’d be okay for just under 3 days. Not great though for a fortnight.

2 - NAB lasts from Saturday - Thursday, this reduces my time to make it round other facilities and people to 9 days including weekends. That should be fun :D.

3 - Less than a week after landing I have to have moved out of my current flat and as of yet have found nowhere to move to.

Still things could be worse. :D