Last chance for a year of free backup and transfer - Gobbler

A few months ago I wrote about Gobbler being a possible replacement for the soon to be unsupported (less than  a month at time of writing) Digidelivery boxes. Well the service has gone from strength to strength since, you can now use it to send ANY file type, Backup sessions from most major DAW’s and using a clever hack any file within those folders; You can also send a public link to a recipient meaning they no longer have to sign up for a Gobbler account to download materials. 

Pricing is due to be announced very soon and it seems there will be a 30-50% discount on the data plans for a short time too. 

December 7th is the deadline for receiving a free year and 25GB of storage space after that the storage will drop to 5GB by default. 

The service is fast and efficient and with no filesize limit to speak of (unlike YouSendIt) it is ideal for most if not all of your data transfer and project backup requirements.

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