Pro Audio Trials abound

2011 is the year of firsts it seems. Earlier this year (August) Steinberg offered a Nuendo 400-hour trial version for the first time ever and now Avid are following their lead and offering 30-day trial of Pro Tools both standard and HD.

A good way to use the upcoming bounty of bank Holidays in the UK?

Both trials require a USB authoriser, the eLicenser ($28) and ilok ($50) respectively. Of course the ilok is much more widely used than elicenser so you may have a spare one kicking around. 

Nuendo Highlights

Multiple layer FX rendering - Like Audiosuite that can be removed out of order; don’t like that EQ you processed? Remove it without starting over on the other processing you have performed.

Clip Gain - Yes Pro Tools now has it too but Nuendo has had this for some time and its a deep implementation.

Network Collaboration - Work on one session across mutliple machines, drop a few tracks offline for updating and then pop them back onlne once done all without stopping the flow of work.

64 bit - Native 64 bit enabled on both Mac and Windows

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