Demo FX Session template

As requested by Marco on a previous post this is a fairly generic FX template session with 10 5.1 predubs and associated routing. Each predub contains 8 mono tracks and 4 stereo tracks feeding a 5.1 auxillary channel with (in the case of the PTX file) as ChannelStrip instantiated on it (in the PTF this is replaced by a Dyn3 Limiter). I have steered clear of non-built in plugins.

The session contains a routing test section at 00:58:00:00 which runs through the outputs across all predubs in about 30 seconds.

The tracks are labelled using no more than 4 characters which makes them compatible with EuCon displays. 

Any errors or questions please feel free to post in the comments or via email.

 Small zip file download contains PTF, PTX and associated WAV files