Edicue Group Buy - ADR Cueing Software

I’ve long been a fan of many of Mark Franken’s Programs. Ediload is a go to tool for fixing all manner of issues with EDL’s that make both Titan conforms and VK autoconform’s much smoother. 

Mark has just launched a group buy for his ADR cueing software Edicue. Not being an ADR editor I haven’t had much call to use the program in anger but when I have used it I have been deeply impressed. As of v2 he has added the ability to ingest a PDF of the shooting script and the program then analyses for Scenes, Characters, Lines etc. These can then be used to spot correctly formatted region groups onto the PT timeline. 

Tracking of cues across multiple versions has also been improved from v1. If you already use another ADR tracking program Edicue will probably be able to export to it (ADR Manager, Filemaker etc.)

At time of writing the cost is $540 US but as with all group buys this figure decresases as more people come on board. Current listed discounts go to $300 which would be an absolute steal for this program. 

Cost of entry to group buy is $120 and upon completion (March 23rd) coupons will be sent out for you to complete the purchase by making up the difference. 

Edicue Group Buy